Maintenance & Horticulture

Once your project is complete, it is important to prioritise the maintenance and upkeep of your space. This will ensure that your outdoor area remains in good condition and continues to provide you with the benefits and enjoyment that you desired when you first started the project. 

Regular care and attention will help to prevent any issues from arising and will extend the lifespan of your outdoor features.

Maintain your garden through consistent care

Armstrongs provides a variety of maintenance and horticulture services to ensure that your space remains healthy and looks its best. Consistent care and attention are essential to maintaining the beauty and health of your garden over time. 

Our regular maintenance services include nurturing your plants, trimming unruly growth, and weeding out unwanted intruders, creating an environment that promotes growth and vitality. By dedicating yourself to tending to your garden’s needs, you can create a peaceful space that you can enjoy throughout the year.


Planting & Installations


Annual Maintenance plan

treecare & surgery